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About Darul HIkam

Darul Hikam Residential School was established in the year 1998 under the leadership of visionaries like Nattika Moosa Moulavi and other learned scholars with a   comprehensive vision of  rendering modern and moral education to the down - trodden and   marginalized especially that of backward minorities and others. The school envisages at imparting CBSE education to the orphans and the destitute along with the wards of the well to do families.

The school tries to give a taste of global education to the students through it’s digital class rooms.  This coupled with the CBSE curriculum, which integrates curriculum and methodology in such a way for developing cognitive and affective skills of the learners, a pre-requisite for being successful in the society, offers our students the scope for innovation, leadership, creativity, problem solving, decision making and above all nurturing a human spirit in them.

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